Modern corporate Audit Services

EXCON is an expert in the field of auditing and offers a wide range of services: These include the audit software ex:plore, self-check applications and digitally supported audits by experienced auditors on site. By individually combining our physical and digital audit services, we can provide you with the services you need for your business. Our solutions ensure a comprehensive review of financial processes, compliance standards or operational procedures. 

Our high-quality services include risk and inventory audits, such as floor checks, and efficient operational audits, such as contract and certification audits, and more.

Increasingly, our intelligent solutions advise on current issues such as ESG reporting and supply chain due diligence, or revolutionize risk management by using IoT sensor data in audits.

Audit Software ex:plore

From risk assessment to compliance monitoring, our ex:plore audit software makes your audits more accurate, faster and more cost-effective. Automation and real-time data integration optimize the audit process and simplify your audits. Intelligent dashboards and accompanying analyses highlight risks. To learn more about our audit software, visit explore.excon.com.


ESG Reporting with ex:plore

Our ex:plore software supports companies in their ESG reporting obligations according to ESRS criteria and the CSRD standard and delivers a legally compliant ESG report. From collecting emissions data to quantifying environmental impacts, to monitoring energy consumption and efficiency, to reviewing occupational safety criteria: Find out how you can continuously improve your ESG performance and meet regulatory reporting requirements.


Inventory Audits and Floor Checks

Keep track of all asset risks on one web platform: Use our software solution ex:amine in combination with our app for physical audits and dealer self-checks to monitor financed assets. One process, many names: Floor check, loan collateral check, or warehouse truck check - our services provide a comprehensive risk and inventory check. Flexible customization to individual audit criteria is always possible.

Digital Audits for more Flexibility

Whether it is a digital audit with our audit software, supported by data from digital self-checks via app or vehicle telemetry data, you decide what data is relevant to you and how digital your audit should be. There are no limits to your audit processes and the flexibility of your audits and workflows. Our audit solutions are used by banks, OEMs and mobility providers around the world.

Digital Self-Checks with the EXCON App

Our digital audit solution saves time and costs. The self-check app enables the auditor on site, e.g. a car dealer, to perform a simple self-check based on individually configurable inspection content. The user-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions make it easy to perform self-audits. The app gives you the flexibility to schedule your audits at any time and ensures that the audit requires minimal on-site personnel.


Vehicle Tracking Software ex:tracked 

Vehicle tracking and monitoring is easy with our software. EXCON ex:tracked is the leading cloud platform for processing and automating telemetry data from mobile assets. Our innovative software optimizes and accelerates critical business processes for mobility, insurance, car subscription and fleet management companies.

Combine: Digital Audits & On-Site Services

You can choose between on-site audits by our field service, digital self-check audits, or a combination of both, known as a hybrid audit. Data from both types of audits are efficiently combined into one pool. This creates a common data base, improves document management, and allows you to stay on top of your operations.

Automotive Dealer Inventory

We take care of time-consuming inventory tasks: Whether it's a key date inventory or a multi-day audit, no matter how many locations or vehicles you have, our experienced field team will handle your dealer inventory efficiently and cost-effectively. The results and supplemented app data are always digitally documented on our platform.


Optimize your Processes with our Audit Solutions

To ensure integrity, efficiency, and compliance in a variety of areas, audits are an extremely versatile and important method. They cover areas as diverse as finance, quality management, environmental standards, information security, and more. 



Innovative Connected Car Data Audits

EXCON offers the possibility of querying and evaluating vehicle data by means of VIN-based evaluation of connected car data for digital audits without additional hardware. Upon request, you can create digital data point reports or grant access to an online dashboard with real-time information. 

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Simplify Grants Application Management

EXCON offers support in applying for subsidies in many areas. Banks, leasing companies and financiers offer their customers added value by integrating the application and disbursement of subsidies into their range of services. EXCON relieves you as a company of time-consuming steps and promotes smooth processing.

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Use Cases for ex:plore Audit Software 

How can our audit software automate your workflows? ESG reports, contract audits, certification audits or supply chain control: all these and many other use cases can be simplified with our audit software. For many more examples in different application areas, please visit our use case overview.

>> About ex:plore use cases



Enhance your Audits with meaningful Data

Supplement physical and remote audits with meaningful data from your internal systems or production machines. Through manual data uploads or interfaces to the corresponding databases, our ex:plore audit platform enables you to achieve a higher degree of automation for your projects and digitalize manual processes.

>> About data and system audits



Connecting IoT Sensor Data to Audit Software

Our audit platform ex:plore uses IoT sensor data in the audit process. Qualitative data via questionnaires and checklists as well as quantitative data points via data interfaces or CSV imports are now complemented. This opens up many new possibilities for users. Would you like to find out more?

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Audit Services: New vehicle check

From an OEM's perspective, there can be many reasons for terminating dealer agreements: To streamline or restructure its own distribution network, to introduce new distribution models, or to adjust the content of the contract. If no new contract is signed with the dealer, the contract will be cancelled on a defined date. 

>> Contract termination services


Audit Services for Efficient Business Processes

In today's fast-paced business world, it is increasingly important to ensure compliance and efficiency of business processes. Our state-of-the-art audit software ex:plore, our user-friendly self-check application for credit security checks and our professional on-site audit services offer you the perfect solution for optimizing your business processes. In addition, our company has many years of experience in the field of audits. Optimize your business with our digital audit and on-site services.

Benefits of using audit services

At EXCON you receive all relevant services for your audits from a single source. This is a great advantage for you, because you always have a competent contact person for your concerns. Of course, our audit services also offer many other advantages:

Risk reduction

Regular audits allow you to identify and remediate potential risks and compliance violations early on. Our audit software allows you to perform a precise analysis, while our on-site experts ensure that no irregularities are overlooked.

Effective use of resources

By using our audit services, your company can make more efficient use of its resources. Business processes are streamlined, resulting in significant time and cost savings. Instead of tying up internal resources in time-consuming audits, you can focus on your core business while you monitor compliance digitally in real time or have our auditors report on-site.

Continuous improvement

With our integrated suite of audit services, software, and self-check application, we give you the tools to stay in control of your business processes and keep your company on track for success. This allows you to keep an eye on key performance indicators and continuously improve your company's performance.

The Human Factor in Audit Services

Not all aspects of business processes can or should be captured digitally. On-site human inspection provides a deeper and more nuanced assessment than automated systems can capture. Especially in industries that involve physical assets, on-site processes, or complex work environments, human auditors are able to gather authentic impressions and provide immediate feedback. In addition, face-to-face interaction with local employees can build trust and clarify specific questions.

In cases where ethical, social, or qualitative issues are involved, human judgment is often essential. Therefore, the integration of on-site audits remains an essential part of a comprehensive audit approach to ensure that companies consider not only the digital, but also the human aspect of compliance and efficiency.



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