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Would you like to simplify your auditing processes, place your receivables management in professional hands or are you looking for a strong partner to outsource your insurance services? You will find these and many other solutions at EXCON. We would be happy to inform you personally about our services and software solutions in the areas of auditing, receivables management and insurance services. Simply contact us and request further information.

Which Solutions does EXCON offer?

Rethinking processes, digitizing workflows, making business units fit for the future: Many companies have these strategic milestones in their annual planning, but how do you achieve these goals? As an outsourcing service provider, innovation partner and software developer, we offer your company innovative solutions for process optimization and digitalization. Benefit from our more than 30 years of experience in designing, optimizing and digitizing mission-critical business processes and simplify your day-to-day business. Here are eight reasons to choose our solutions. You can learn more about our software solutions and services further down this page and through the links. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


#1: EXCON is an Audit Hero

From our own audit software ex:plore, to our self-checks via app and telemetry audits, to hybrid digital audits with on-site auditors: Audits have been our core business for decades. We provide you with a full range of tools to optimize your contract audits, supply chain law audits, warranty audits, performance audits, certification audits, ESG scoring and much more. >> Find out more about our audit solutions here.

#2: EXCON is a Specialist for Floor Checks

We are one of the market leaders for portfolio and risk audits in the form of floor checks for banks, leasing companies and financial service providers. Supported by our fully digital risk platform ex:amine and advanced technologies such as our dealer self-check app, you always have an overview of your assets. >> Find out more about our floor checks here.

#3: EXCON is a Solution Finder for non-performing Loans

We take care of debt collection and dunning as well as repossessing mobile and immovable assets for your company. In doing so, we place the highest value on finding a solution together with the borrower or lease holder. >> Find out more about our receivables management here.

#4: EXCON is a Pioneer in Vehicle Tracking

The ex:tracked software allows you to locate all types of vehicles and analyze damage reports with just a few mouse clicks. In this way, we support insurers in their stolen vehicle processes, contribute to risk reduction and fraud prevention and offer mobility service providers numerous automation options for improving their customer relationships. >> Learn more about vehicle tracking here.

#5: EXCON is an Innovator in the Repossession Process

EXCON is also an innovation market leader in the area of repossession. As part of our repossession process, we offer digital damage assessment using AI technology, which significantly accelerates the recovery and remarketing process. >> Click here to learn more about our repossession services.

#6: EXCON is a strong Partner of the Insurance Industry

A nationwide network of experts, a proprietary software suite for digital order processing and an experienced team of back-office experts support you in innovative and cost-effective claims handling. >> Learn more about our claims management services here.

#7: EXCON cares for your Customers

Customer satisfaction is part of our mission. That's why we constantly focus on customer-friendly innovations in existing processes, for example in the processing of insurance claims: When will the expert come to inspect the damage? What is the next step in the claim process, and when will the claim be closed? These are the questions we answer for your policyholders in our mobile portal. We are the market leader in claims tracking and the only company on the market to offer your insurance company a comprehensive service that includes a professional network of experts, a fully integrated software platform and a transparent claims tracking system. >> More information about claims tracking can be found here.

#8: EXCON is a Risk Minimizer

Safety-relevant documents that have to be moved frequently, such as registration certificates, vehicle registration documents, Certificates of Conformity (COC) or policies, are physically stored by us for you. They are available to you at any time via web-based administration. We relieve your risk management processes by handling these documents for you. >> Learn more about risk-controlled document management.



What makes our Solutions unique?


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Data security & efficiency

Intelligente Prozesse

Smart processes


Find out more about our Services


Audit Services

Discover EXCON's advanced audit solutions. We combine digital efficiency with an expert on-site presence. Depending on which audit or inventory control service you need: We're sure to have the right tool for you. Whether it's innovative digital tools or personal audits by experienced experts, or a combination of both.

Receivables Management

Our comprehensive services can help you optimize your receivables management. We repossess movable and immovable assets for you. In addition, we focus on efficient solutions with your borrowers and lessees in  debt collection and dunning, as well as non-performing real estate loans. 

Claims Management

We are your strong partner for claims settlement and accumulation support. We simplify the entire claims management process with our expert network and advanced technology. Benefit from the digital accessibility of our software and optimize your claims handling with our back-office experts.


An Overview of EXCON Software Solutions

Our software portfolio represents future-oriented technologies that optimize your business processes. With our audit and workflow software ex:plore, we enable the smooth digital implementation of a wide range of audits. ex:plore also supports you in the implementation of ESG reports according to the CSRD directive and international ESRS standards. This not only makes your compliance processes more efficient, but also sets a benchmark in sustainability reporting. We also offer advanced software for tracking and monitoring mobile assets using telemetry and connected car data. In this way, we not only help insurers prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and investigate stolen vehicles, but also drive business success for mobility providers.



Audit & Contract Review Software ex:plore

ex:plore revolutionizes your audits with innovative features. ex:plore is your toolkit for collecting, processing, improving and reporting business-critical data. Data collection from any source, real-time dashboards, audit-proof processes and integrated follow-up management optimize the efficiency and accuracy of your audits.

>> About ex:plore audit software



ex:plore for efficient ESG Reporting

ex:plore sets new standards in ESG reporting. It offers advanced features to check sustainability criteria. With ex:plore, you can collect all the data you need to fulfill reporting obligations for your company with any number of sites or subsidiaries. You can also generate reports for shareholders, stakeholders and your auditors. 

>> Learn more about the ESG Platform



ex:tracked Vehicle Tracking Software

ex:tracked redefines vehicle tracking and monitoring, enabling you to access telemetry and connected car data from anywhere in minutes. The software can be used for fraud prevention, investigation, and fleet management automation. Digitize and automate your business processes with ex:tracked.

>> More about vehicle tracking



Find the right EXCON Service for your Business

In addition to our innovative software solutions, our EXCON services also optimize your business processes on site. In the form of hybrid audits or with on-site auditors, we guarantee the highest level of accuracy for your audits. Floor checks with experienced field staff guarantee effective monitoring of your financed assets. Securing mobile and immobile assets and our debt collection and dunning services optimize your receivables management. Our nationwide network of experts and our experienced back-office team will support your insurance company in the final settlement of claims. In addition, we offer you back-office services to support your customer-oriented processes. With our management of risk-relevant documents such as vehicle registration certificates and COC papers, we support banks, leasing companies and dealers in their day-to-day business. Rely on our expertise for customized services and efficient business processes.


Services in the Audit Sector



On-Site Audits by EXCON Experts

Our experienced field service team supports you in the so-called "last mile". These are the processes that cannot or should not be completely digitalized today. Our competent audit experts carry out the necessary on-site audits for you. All audit criteria are digitally captured and stored in our platform. There you can combine the results of the physical audits with other data. 

>> More about on-site audits



Hybrid Audits: Smart Combination

The combination of digital audits with our ex:plore audit software and self-checks with ex:cute, together with a broad network of competent auditors for on-site audits, enables hybrid audits of outstanding quality. Our focus is on individual, quality-oriented results, comprehensive adaptability and efficient processes. Learn more about our future-oriented approaches.

>> More about hybrid audits



Physical Floor Checks & Dealer Inventories

If required, our auditors support your floor checks and retailer inventories on site. You decide whether your dealers are audited by our experienced EXCON field service, whether qualified dealers carry out a tamper-proof self-check with subsequent verification of the results, or whether you rely entirely on Connected Car Data. Our tip: Combine our services and save even more time and money.

>> More about inventory services



Get to know our Receivables Management Services



Repossession of financed Assets

EXCON repossesses financed or leased vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, industrial plants and production lines for you. We work closely with lenders and lessees to repatriate, market or sell the financed assets. We offer our repossession services throughout Europe to financiers, investors, dealers, lessors, manufacturers and owners.

>> More about repossession services



Dunning and Debt Collection Services

We deliver fast, successful and cost-effective collections with experienced in-house and field teams. Within our processes, we always use proprietary modern technology and software solutions. This allows you to optimize existing processes and save important resources. Work with us to professionalize your collection and dunning processes.

>> More about debt collection & dunning



Processing Real Estate Loans

With EXCON ImmoWorkout, we process non-performing real estate loans effectively and in a targeted manner. As a professional and friendly mediator between lender and borrower, we take over the contact with your customers and support you in the sale on the open market via an extensive network of brokers. The entire process is documented for you in a transparent manner.

>> More about ImmoWorkout



Repossession: Vehicle Damage Appraisals

In the event of a claim, we can provide a damage appraisal of surface damage as part of the repossession process. Using image recognition technology based on deep learning, our trained field experts inspect the condition of the asset using an app and transmit the results digitally to the customer. If necessary, an experienced appraiser can be called in via live video. This approach allows you to move assets into the liquidation process more quickly, saving you valuable time in the remarketing process.


Our Claims Management Services



Competent Insurance Field Services

EXCON Insurance Services GmbH has been offering innovative and cost-effective claims handling for many years. The company has an extensive network of experts throughout Europe. In addition, the company's own software suite for digital order processing and an experienced back office team complete the services. As part of the EXCON Group, the company has made a name for itself as a reliable claims management partner for frequency and major claims.

>> More about insurance field services



Allround Claims Management Services

Our service center takes care of all aspects of the claims process, including notification, coordination with adjusters, scheduling with claimants, preparation of quotes and claims reports. Our digital workflow platform allows you to keep track of the current claims status. We also offer customized process solutions, such as dedicated claims hotlines for extraordinary events, emergency assistance, and premium customer care. Do not hesitate to contact us for these customized services. 

>> More about complete claims service



Internal Claims Process Outsourcing

Professional order processing and communication with your policyholders are essential for fast and effective claims handling. The smooth integration into your processes is also important. Our services to support your claims departments take all this into account. We take over the processes where you as an insurer need support, e.g. in phases with many claims notifications. This includes everything from capturing the claim to managing the entire claims process.

>> More about internal claims services



Security-related Document Management



Risk-controlled Document Management

We manage risk-controlled documents such as registration certificates, vehicle registration documents, Certificates of Conformity (COC) and policies. We not only take care of the physical storage of these documents, but also provide online access to manage them from anywhere. By relieving you of administrative tasks, you have more time to focus on your core business.



Smart solutions are in our DNA: Experience for more than 30 years

Experience is a critical factor in today's world. Our company has an impressive history of more than 30 years. During this time, we've established ourselves as a pioneer in providing customized solutions for major insurance companies, banks and leasing companies, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, fleet operators and mobility providers. Innovative approaches are part of our DNA. Over the past three decades, we have successfully helped numerous customers meet their industry challenges.

Pioneering solutions for insurance, finance and automotive sector

Our team of experts develops cutting-edge software products that not only address today's needs, but also look to the future. The combination of our technologies with the important human factor of our extensive field service and expert network enables a wide range of flexibility in the use of our services. From a state-of-the-art customer claims tracking platform, to modern vehicle monitoring, to efficient risk mitigation tools for lenders and lessors, to innovative systems that reduce the workload for car dealers, with us you can always rely on the latest technologies to help you move quickly and safely into the future.

Trusted Collaboration & Partnerships

Our partnerships extend beyond the boundaries of software development and services. We always ensure that our solutions are continuously developed with the help of optimal partners. We are always reliable in our cooperation and set the highest quality standards for our work with our customers. We differentiate ourselves by developing and implementing customized solutions. We work closely with leading insurance companies, renowned banks, leasing companies and financial service providers, as well as international car dealers and many other companies and authorities. Our clients rely on our expertise and reliability, resulting in successful projects and long-term partnerships.



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