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More than the sum of the parts


The EXCON Group is the nucleus of an ecosystem of partner and subsidiary companies from various industries and technology sectors that offers a spectrum of digital and analog solutions that is unique in Europe. The extremely flexibly combinable parts of this system add up to more than the sum of their addition: they are the solution to your problems.

An important role in the functioning of this ecosystem is played by the EXCON Group in its hybrid function as a software house and a classic service company. EXCON designs the processes it needs to meet the challenges of our clients' day-to-day business and develops the appropriate software to go with them, or draws on one of the targeted solutions from the diverse partner landscape of the EXCON ecosystem.

In this way, we put together the right solution for our clients in a resource-efficient manner and at short notice, without having to accept any loss of performance - on the contrary: the mixture of dynamic start-ups and market-tested veterans makes the EXCON ecosystem the quality market leader in its sectors.

Our shareholdings

MotionsCall GmbH Leipzig


MotionsCall GmbH, Leipzig: EXCON is a founding partner of MotionsCall GmbH. MotionsCall is a service provider for all service components for overall damage control in the automotive and property damage area for insurers and vehicle fleets inbound and outbound.
With the help of its own intelligent software solutions, MotionsCall always focuses on digital and customer-oriented process solutions.

MotionsCall has positioned itself in the market by using digital solutions and adhering to cost-reducing and at the same time value-added processes for the customer.
MotionsCall works with well-known service providers and is digitally connected with many partners." To the MotionsCall website.

MotionsCloud Logo

MotionsCloud GmbH, Munich: MotionsCloud has many years of expertise in the automation of insurance claims processing, works with European, US and Asian companies and has had a development partnership with the EXCON Group for some time. EXCON has been directly involved in MotionsCloud since 2022. 

MotionsCloud enables insurance companies to automate the inspection of properties and vehicles using artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Our partners

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EXCON Business Intelligence


EXCON Partner Netzwerk


EXCON Robotic Process Automation RPA


EXCON maintains an international, hand-picked partner network in all business areas and departments for the optimal fulfillment of our partners' demands on the high quality of our services. 

When deciding which process steps of our complex service structures we implement ourselves, which we map with partners and service providers and which we develop anew with strategic development partners, the focus is always on our clients and the optimal, efficient implementation of their orders. The EXCON Group has decades of experience in its industries and is optimally networked. This network is your advantage. 

In addition to many other cooperations in the areas of cyber security, image analytics, computer vision and connected car as well as international partnerships within our individual industries and departments, our strategic partners include in particular: 

fintus GmbH

fintus GmbH

Frankfurt, Germany

Low-code banking platform with an end-to-end solution from initial contact to digital workplace and process automation.


caruso GmbH Logo

Caruso GmbH

Ismaning, Germany

Data marketplace for in-vehicle data, strategic partner since 2019.

28 Apps Logo

28Apps Software GmbH 

Bremen, Germany

Custom software and app development. Development partnership since 2018.

WIANCO Ott Robotics GmbH Logo

WIANCO OTT Robotics GmbH 

Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany

Robotic Process Automation with and without hardware.