We take responsibility

Environment, social issues, corporate governance

Thinking about the future today

As experts in digitalization and technological innovation, EXCON actively shapes the future of its clients and partners as well as their industries. With the help of optimized business processes and perfectly tuned technology, we contribute to reducing your ecological footprint. In doing so, our corporate actions are always characterized by social responsibility, which we take extremely seriously with respect to all stakeholders.

Our products and services that help our clients improve their ESG footprint include: 

  • Our asset management platform, ex:amine, which combined with our dealer self-check app and innovative connected-car data audits, has brought the process of loan collateral inspections or stock truck inspections/floor checks into the future. By leveraging our technologies, the need for on-site audits by our field staff can be significantly reduced and the carbon footprint of such audits can be reduced accordingly.
  • Among other things, our audit platform ex:plore is used for company-wide ESG audits. This enables investment companies to check their holdings for compliance with relevant ESG standards and to target improvements.
  • Our digital asset tracking platform ex:tracked enables the location of mobile assets such as cars, agricultural machinery or construction vehicles with just a few clicks in an online interface. This reduces the effort required to determine the location on site, which in turn results in less environmental impact. 

In our Code of Conduct, to which all employees, management, and subsidiaries of EXCON Services GmbH are bound, we commit ourselves to maintaining high ethical standards. The conscientious maintenance and further development of the ESG fields of environment, social issues, and corporate governance are also part of our self-image.




We are aware of our responsibility for a sustainably intact environment and contribute in several ways to the prevention of negative environmental impacts altogether, if possible, or at least to actively reduce and compensate for them.


  • We reduce our business travel to a necessary minimum and make intensive use of online meetings and webinars to avoid CO2-intensive business trips.
  • Prioritizing the use of public transportation, sensible planning, and geographic linking of on-site appointments
  • Many of our employees have been working from home for years and contribute to environmental protection by eliminating their commutes
  • Our data centre was implemented according to the recommendations of the Green IT Competence Centre of the German Federal Office of Administration (BVA) and is SA8000 certified

Social issues

Soziale Verantwortung

We have set ourselves the goal of positively influencing and sustainably developing the future of society. In addition to our commitment through targeted non-cash and cash contributions to regional and national social projects, we support the voluntary work of our employees in associations and social institutions.

Our entrepreneurial activities in the various sectors of the EXCON Group are also characterized by our responsibility for social coexistence and always take the needs of all stakeholders into account - our employees, partners, and suppliers as well as our clients and their customers.



EXCON Governance

EXCON operates under the unconditional standard of conducting all business in a competent and ethical manner and protecting fair competition at all times in all markets in which EXCON is active. Integrity and honesty form the basis of our business endeavours.

Our employees are our most important force - open, fair, and respectful cooperation is actively lived at EXCON. The personal and professional development of our employees is an important part of our personnel policy.

We always act for the benefit of our clients and are a strong partner at their side. We communicate openly at all times, with trust and respect. Our word is our bond.