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EXCON uses cookies to recognize user preferences and to be able to design the website optimally. This facilitates navigation and achieves a high level of user-friendliness. Cookies are small files that are stored on a visitor's hard drive. They allow information to be retained for a certain period of time and identify the visitor's computer. For better user guidance and individual performance presentation, we use permanent cookies. Furthermore, we use so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted when you close your browser. You can set your browser to inform you about the placement of cookies. This makes the use of cookies transparent for you. Important: If you completely exclude the use of cookies, you may not be able to use individual functions of our website.

We use the following two categories of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies (=technically necessary cookies)

Technically necessary cookies: These cookies are technically necessary for you to navigate the website and use its features, such as accessing password-protected areas. Without these cookies, we cannot provide you with certain services you have requested. We use strictly necessary cookies to uniquely identify registered users so that they can be recognized during their stay and when they revisit the website.

Functional cookies

These cookies allow websites to remember a visitor's previous information (e.g., username, language) in order to provide optimized features tailored to the visitor. For example, a website can provide you with up-to-date information by storing your current location in a cookie. These cookies are also used to maintain settings you make on the website (e.g., font or size and other user customizable options). In addition, they are used to provide services you request, such as when you want to watch a video. These cookies are not able to track your browsing activity on other websites.

They do not collect any information about you that can be used for advertising purposes and cannot track where you have been on the Internet outside our website. We therefore use these functional cookies to recognize you when you visit our website again and to personalize content and save your settings.

In addition, we use functional cookies to collect statistics about the use of our website. We only set functional cookies after you have given your consent in the cookie banner.

We use the following cookies on our website:

Technical description Functional description
SESSxxxxxxxx Contains an anonymous user ID to associate multiple requests from a user to the same HTTP session.
cookie-agreed Consent to use the site with cookies
has_js Checks if Javascript is enabled and available for display.
_ga Collects information about the use of the website in order to optimize it.
_gat Collects information about the use of the website in order to optimize it.
_gid Collects information about the use of the website in order to optimize it.

You can revoke your consent regarding the use of technically unnecessary cookies at any time via the fingerprint button on the left. Here you can also find more information about the cookies used.