Dealer self-audits with EXCON software and apps

Our digital audit solution saves time and costs

The digital EXCON self-audit solution maps extensive audit content and criteria which the client can configure individually and guides dealers through a simple self-check based on this question catalogue, which is self-explanatory thanks to the user-friendly interface and integrated step-by-step instructions.


Our audits can be scheduled flexibly at varying intervals and are divided into three phases: Data preparation and preparation of the questionnaire, audit execution by the dealer on site, and finally the follow-up. The entire process is realized by two EXCON technologies:


EXCON Software

The software platform ex:plore

In our proprietary ex:plore audit platform, all the relevant data is recorded in compliance with data protection regulations, the audit workflows requested by the client are created, and the audit questionnaires are generated. The content is completely flexible: From data protection or compliance audits, to audits of requirements for performance margins or sales incentives, to audits of equipment for e-mobility or the existence of a direct acceptance - our clients' requirements can be mapped at any time.

After the audit, the results are made available to the client in ex:plore. The results of the self-check are previously cross-checked by the integrated plausibility check using tamper-proof photos and videos as well as the subsequent validation by the client (or by EXCON if desired).



The ex:cute audit app

Our native ex:cute app, enables our client's auditee on site - e.g. a car dealer - to conduct a user-friendly self-audit. After completing the audit planning in the ex:plore web platform, the auditee receives an automatically generated access code with which he can open and complete the audit assigned to him in the ex:cute app. This can be done easily on mobile devices; all that is required is a browser with an Internet connection. At the end of the audit, the dealer signs the result electronically and sends it back online.

Thanks to our support hotline, the user is, of course, never alone at any point in case of questions or problems.

Save time and costs - even with many locations

The digital handling of self-audits - from planning, to creating questions, to implementation and checking the results - creates significant time and cost advantages for the parties involved. Clients benefit from no longer having to send their own or external personnel for different types of audits. This is a considerable cost factor, especially when there are many sites to be audited. But there is also added value for the auditee: The user-friendly handling of the ex:cute audit app ensures that the audit runs quickly and smoothly and ties up little on-site personnel.



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