Claims Management Services

EXCON offers a wide range of modern services in claims management and claims settlement for insurance companies. Our dedicated team of experienced back-office experts, customer hotline staff, experts in our Europe-wide network and our software experts ensure that your claims are processed efficiently and transparently. 

From a 24/7 customer hotline, to customized process solutions tailored to the specific needs of your policyholders, to fast and efficient claims acceptance, your customers will always be in touch with knowledgeable experts. You can track the status of their case at any time through our digital claims management portal. 

Our field service ensures that claims are thoroughly investigated and assessed. We place great emphasis on transparent claims reporting and documentation, and also offer you a comprehensive service for increasingly common accumulation and special losses.

Services for Insurance Companies at a Glance


Vehicle Tracking and Telemetry Data

Use our ex:tracked software to quickly locate vehicles that have been reported stolen. With just a few clicks, you can extract data such as the vehicle's last position or relevant messages. This is especially important for fraud prevention. All you need to do is enter the vehicle identification number (VIN) and upload the necessary legal documents. Digitize and automate your processes with connected car data.

Explore our all-round Claims Service

Our full service for insurance companies offers comprehensive support: immediate claims assessment, seamless integration of network partners, communication with claimants and stakeholders, first aid and emergency service, efficient coordination of remedial measures, individual service level compliance, transparent documentation, central 24-hour service number, and many other services.


A trusted Partner for external Regulation

Our field services include the assessment, evaluation, and settlement of property, liability, and auto collision claims. We offer you fast contact with claimants, prompt inspection appointments, digital processes, transparent claims calculation with photo documentation, effective monitoring of measures, case closing and many other services. Reduce claims costs and improve customer service.

Internal Regulatory Services & Support

EXCON guarantees insurance companies smooth claims management and rapid damage limitation. Using standardized, IT-supported processes, we coordinate damage reports from the insurance and real estate industries around the clock throughout Germany. In cooperation with our long-standing partner MotionsCall, we take over numerous processes for your internal settlement.


Accumulation Claims Expert

Natural catastrophes such as floods, heavy rains, hail and storms are becoming more frequent. Our well-coordinated accumulation claims management enables fast and competent emergency assistance and effective loss mitigation. You can rely on our expertise to meet the growing challenges of climate change.


Further Services for your Insurance Processes



Software Solutions for Claims Management

In claims management, we digitize your processes by using innovative technologies: transparent order tracking and mobile communication services combined with our web-based and fully integrated order processing platform ex:act offer you an efficient, transparent and holistic solution in the office and in the field.

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Cybercrime Insurance Services

We handle the management of cybercrime claims. Our comprehensive approach includes preventive work to minimize risk, initial assistance in the event of a claim, and final settlement of the claim. With our years of experience, we minimize the impact of cybercrime and optimize the protection of your policyholders.

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Customized Claims Management Processes

We understand the unique challenges of insurance companies and offer innovative claims solutions from increasing claims to changing customer requirements. Please let us know if you are missing a service or would like to customize a service for your clients. Specialized services are available upon request.

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Our Services cover the entire Claims Management Process

Hand in hand in claims management: From a 24/7 customer hotline and claims recording to a modern claims management portal - EXCON covers the entire claims management process with attractive services for insurers. The claims settlement process can be defined as the process by which insurance companies or other organizations process and settle claims. Here is a rough overview of the claims process and the services EXCON offers you as insurer. Many more services are possible. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Notification of a claim

The policyholder or injured party reports the claim to the insurance company. This can be done in writing, by telephone or online. EXCON handles the following processes for you:

  • Immediate damage assessment digitally or on site
  • First aid/emergency services: e.g. locating stolen vehicles or providing replacement vehicles
  • Direct integration of the respective network partner
  • Central, free 24-hour service number 0800 - 8 123 321
  • Option to set up individual service desks for status customers or for specific claims


Documentation of claims

The policyholder submits all relevant documentation to support the claim. This may include photos, police reports, medical certificates or other evidence. The documentation is simplified and presented transparently via our claims portal. We offer the following claims documentation services:

  • Transparent documentation / journal in the claims portal for all stakeholders to view
  • Mobile damage tracking via app
  • Damage assessment by competent experts across Europe


Damage assessment

The insurance company reviews the submitted documentation to verify the validity of the claim. This can be done internally or in cooperation with external experts. EXCON is at your side as a competent partner:

  • Communication to clarify the claim and coordination of the schedule with all parties involved
  • Vehicle tracking to prevent fraud
  • Mobile damage tracking and expert reports 
  • Europe-wide network of experts for on-site inspections


Coverage and liability decision

The insurance company decides whether the claim is covered by the policy and the extent of its liability. This is based on the terms of the policy and the information provided.


Loss Evaluation

In the event of a property loss, the financial value of the loss is assessed. This can be done by internal experts or external appraisers. We are experts in all types of claims.

  • Assessment, valuation and settlement of property and liability claims as well as motor vehicle collision damage by our experienced experts. 
  • Handling of special cases such as burglary or business interruption claims. 
  • Accumulation loss experts
  • Loss calculation with photo documentation
  • Recommendations based on our experience and individual specifications
  • Involvement of existing service partners, if desired

Compensation Quote

Upon completion of the assessment, the insurance company will provide the policyholder with an offer of compensation, which includes the estimated amount to settle the claim. We can manage this process for you.

  • Services include high quality proposal preparation through to the final invoice or settlement.
  • All steps are clearly documented in the claims portal.



Negotiations can take place between the insurance company and the policyholder, especially if there are differences of opinion about the amount of the claim. Here, too, EXCON takes over the communication for you. 

  • Negotiation communication and settlement of differences of opinion within the framework of individual specifications.
  • 24/7 customer hotline or portal.


Payment of damages

Once an agreement has been reached or the amount of the claim has been determined in court, the insurance company pays the actual claim to the policyholder or injured party.


Final documentation

The entire claims process is documented and finalized. A final notification is sent to all parties involved. Here, too, we support you with high-quality services.

  • The structured and quality-assured claims report, in the format of your choice, includes a settlement recommendation and cost breakdown.
  • The claims manager usually receives the report within five working days of the site visit. 
  • In most cases, a detailed repair or restoration cost estimate is included.
  • Quality assurance through a second review of the damage report by a second highly qualified staff member.
  • Final documentation & case status can be viewed digitally on the portal by all stakeholders.

Of course, the process shown here does not represent all cases 1:1. It is just an example. The range of services our company provides to you as an insurance company has grown over the years. This has enabled us to continuously improve the quality of our services through synergies and experience. Our motto has always been: No service is unthinkable. Benefit from our wealth of experience and work exclusively with experts in insurance services. We look forward to hearing from you.



Process Outsourcing for Insurance Companies

For many years, EXCON Insurance GmbH has been a trusted and reliable partner for insurance companies in the area of claims management process outsourcing. We offer numerous services along the claims handling process to help insurance companies work more efficiently and at the same time ensure first-class service for their policyholders.


Benefits of Claims Management Process Outsourcing

As an insurance company, there are benefits to outsourcing claims management processes. By delegating tasks such as claims assessment, documentation and policyholder communication, you can free up valuable resources. Our experienced experts take responsibility for complex processes, freeing up internal teams and reducing the overall cost of the claims process.

Another key benefit is improved customer satisfaction. When you use our services, you not only reduce processing time and achieve faster claims closure. Your customers will be able to view their case transparently in our claims management portal and feel fully informed. This leads to more satisfied customers and enhances your image as a service-oriented insurance company.


Optimized Processes and fast Reaction

As briefly explained above, EXCON relies on state-of-the-art technologies and proven methods to optimize claims management processes. Our customized solutions enable you to map the entire settlement process in a structured and digital manner. From claim entry to final processing, we rely on efficient workflows to save time and money.

We are also agile and responsive. We understand that claims are time-sensitive, so we offer flexible services that allow you to respond immediately to unforeseen challenges. Our experts work closely with your teams to ensure seamless integration of our services into your existing processes.

Contact our insurance experts to learn more about all of our services in the claims management process. We look forward to hearing from you!


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