Study: Acceptance of car subscriptions is increasing 

EXCON supports industry in scaling processes


Every third car buyer (32%) shows interest in a car subscription. This is the result of a study conducted by puls Marktforschung on behalf of the car subscription provider Vive La Car. In January, one in five car buyers had expressed interest. Based on the study, puls managing director Konrad Weßner attests to the rapidly growing acceptance of the subscription model and calls the development a sustainable trend.


To ensure that the background processes associated with the delivery and maintenance of subscribed cars can also be scaled in a future-proof manner, EXCON is launching the "EXCON New Mobility Performance Monitor", a complete package of process analysis and support as well as individual coaching, which safeguards and supports car subscription providers in their growth - all mapped on a central software platform.


Car subscription providers in growth: scaling processes securely

It does not matter which point of sale (POS) model the car subscription providers use. Some operate their own fleet, others broker the existing vehicles of affiliated authorised dealers to end customers as subscription vehicles. In order for both models to grow smoothly, the processes at the POS must also reflect this growth. EXCON therefore addresses the requirements of the growing industry with the EXCON New Mobility Performance Monitor and offers the appropriate support.

From the delivery of the vehicle to the customer, to dealing with damage or returns, to taking back the vehicle at the end of the contract, locations and staff must be able to meet the growing requirements - and grow with demand.

This is where the EXCON New Mobility Performance Check comes in: with the help of professional software and decades of experience, the participating dealers are checked in the background with regard to the relevant subscription model and their processes, weak points are identified and eliminated in a targeted manner by means of coaching.

Customer satisfaction with car subscriptions: experience with Point Of Sale is decisive

From the condition of the fleet to the quality of customer service to the handover of the vehicle, EXCON analyses the process and offers individual coaching solutions where there is still a need for training.  
The focus is always on customer satisfaction: only if the entire process runs smoothly will the customer consider another subscription and recommend the car subscription provider to others. Accordingly, the customer experience stands and falls with the experience at the POS and is not limited to the online platform when booking the car.

Car subscription companies: Identify suitable partners and accompany them in the long term

Car subscription providers can equip their future POS with the EXCON Self-Check app in advance of the cooperation. This offers the POS the opportunity to check their own processes against the requirements of the future contractual partner using individually configurable criteria and to ensure their own scalability.

In this way, car subscription companies can identify suitable partners and ensure sustainable and long-term performance by using the self-check app - without additional time-consuming and cost-intensive personnel deployment.

All data in one place - across countries

EXCON bundles all structured data collected from the self-checks as well as the on-site process analyses centrally in a proven and successful software solution. Here, all participants have insight into the results of the process monitoring. For example, car subscription providers can decide which dealers need support in the future or which are unsuitable for a partnership in the medium to long term.

EXCON is already active with corresponding services in 48 markets worldwide and, of course, also offers the EXCON New Mobility Performance Monitor across national borders and in different languages on request - so that nothing stands in the way of scaling.


The EXCON services at a glance


Professional auditors

Auditors with years of industry knowledge evaluate the processes associated with ordering and delivering the car at the dealership on site and provide important information to the car subscription providers.

Self-test with the EXCON App

The EXCON Self-Check App enables dealers to check their own processes against the demands of their contractual partners and to prepare for cooperation. Car subscription providers can accompany their partners sustainably with the help of the app.

Coaching and process optimisation

Based on the findings from monitoring and self-checks, EXCON creates individual coaching programmes for POS and supports them in optimising their processes.

International network

EXCON has been working successfully with a network of international experts for many years in order to offer these services worldwide.