EU Directive on handling COC-documents: EXCON expands document management with new services

On 1 September, an EU regulation came into force that obliges dealers to hand over a printed Certificate of Conformity (CoC) when selling a vehicle. Because this process was already handled digitally in Austria and dealers are not allowed to print the certificate themselves, a new challenge arose for the movables sector: the step from the digital process back to analogue handling. Excon expands its service portfolio and accompanies its clients on this last mile.

In recent years, Excon has become the market leader for individually tailored digitisation and automation solutions in many sectors throughout Europe. The know-how acquired over several decades is accompanied by in-house software development and an international network of experts. Sometimes the expertise that has grown in this way with a customer base from a wide variety of business sectors is also needed for the way back from the purely digital environment: This shows the challenge our clients in Austria have been facing since the EU Regulation 2018/858 came into force.







What used to be the type certificate in Austria, which has since been replaced by a digital data extract, is now the certificate of conformity / CoC. It must be printed in a forgery-proof manner and in accordance with the legal requirements on the correct paper by the general importer before the vehicle is sold and made available to the dealer, who then hands the papers over to the buyer. This process had already been moved to a digital database in Austria before - now the regulation requires the step back to the printed document.

Accordingly, many importers or captives and non-captives have to develop a new process that enables processing in a non-bureaucratic, largely automated and legally compliant manner - a major challenge.

Excon Services Austria, which has been handling type certificate storage in Austria for numerous clients for eight years and determines the market with 500,000 managed documents, has already implemented the changes required by the directive and has been implementing them since 1 September.

Bild: Patrick Stockinger, Operation Manager AWACS of Excon Services Austria GmbH


Bild: Bettina Guggemos, Managing Director of Excon Services Austria GmbH





"We not only relieve our client of the work in the ongoing process, but also of the conception and the changeover of the settlement",

(Bettina Guggemos, Managing Director of Excon Services Austria GmbH)


"We conceptualise the new process according to the legal requirements, implement it on our premises and link it to the existing process stakeholders," Guggemos explains the process. "This way we save importers or banks costs and resources for the necessary project management and are also very fast because we already have all the prerequisites - in expertise, technology and staff."

The process, which Excon has already successfully implemented, not only covers the printing and delivery of the chain of custody papers. This is where the professional roots of Managing Director Bettina Guggemos, who worked in banking for many years and considers risk management an elementary part of such a process, stand out: "Fraud prevention is an important topic," explains Guggemos. "Of course, we check why a document is requested before we send it and whether it comes back." The individual setting option of request levels by the dealer also facilitates the wholesale process for the bank towards financing approvals. In addition, we can link the asset databases concerned with our software to detect possible double financing.

Of course, these possibilities are not limited to the movables industry:

Excon offers the corresponding document management, including storage, printing, dispatch and all necessary verification processes and security measures, for many types of official papers, such as insurance documents. Just get in touch with us!