New international project: Successful start of vehicle repossession with Lynk & Co in Europe

The new project focusing on international vehicle repossession with Lynk & Co. has been successfully launched. The cooperation is an important milestone for EXCON in the expansion and consolidation of vehicle repossession on the European market.


Launch of Lynk & Co project: securing vehicles in Spain

The starting signal for the international project was given in Spain. There, EXCON received the first orders to repossess vehicles for Lynk & Co. Thanks to efficient processes and strong local partnerships, the cooperation runs hand in hand.

Launch of vehicle repossession projects in Europe with Lynk & Co

Expansion to France and Germany

After the successful start in the Spanish market, EXCON also realized orders in France and Germany for Lynk and Co. Here, Frank Rogge's team was able to record its first successes and repossess several vehicles in Germany within a very short period of time. 

Frank Rogge expressed his satisfaction with the project: "Our local presence and close cooperation with our international network have proven to be decisive factors in meeting the specific requirements and legal frameworks of the respective countries".

Europe-wide vehicle repossession by EXCON experts

Different legal bases and contact persons, language barriers: A Europe-wide vehicle repossession poses many challenges. Working with EXCON's experts helps the financier to carry out the process efficiently and with legal certainty.

  • Efficiency and speed: EXCON has the necessary resources, networks and expertise in repossession processes and carries them out more efficiently and quickly. This leads to a faster recovery of the vehicles and thus to a faster utilization.
  • Cost savings: By outsourcing the repossession to EXCON, banks and financiers save administrative and operating costs.
  • Legal and market expertise: EXCON has extensive knowledge of the different legal frameworks and market conditions in the various European countries. This minimizes the risk of legal problems and ensures that the seizure is carried out in accordance with local laws.
  • Risk minimization: Outsourcing to EXCON reduces the risk of errors or incidents during possession through specialized personnel and proven processes.
  • Concentration on the core business: By handing over repossession tasks to EXCON, banks and financiers can concentrate more on their core business. This enables better utilization of internal resources and contributes to increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the company.

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As a leading service provider in the field of receivables management, EXCON offers comprehensive solutions for the seizure and repossession of vehicles throughout Europe. 

About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co is a brand of the Chinese Geely Auto Group and offers tailor-made leasing and financing options for end customers. In addition to traditional leasing, this includes other innovative mobility solutions such as car sharing and subscription models.