Outsourcing of claims processes: New projects successfully launched


There is a growing shortage of skilled workers, and at the same time pressure to make processes efficient without losing sight of the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction: Claims handling in the insurance industry faces many challenges. 

As an experienced service provider, EXCON, together with its partner MotionsCall, offers insurance companies tailor-made and proven solutions for the final processing of claims. Recent orders from a well-known insurance company impressively demonstrate why EXCON is the ideal partner for your claims management.


Facts: Key data of the projects

Since April, EXCON has been handling the efficient processing of claims for a large insurance company in several projects. After an intensive training and preparation phase, the teams are working in the following areas
Electronic damage registration for new vehicles: Approximately 600 claims per week are forwarded to the MotionsCall team in Leipzig. This team takes care of the entire recording process and initial damage assessment.
Telephone claims recording for accumulation events: Since June, damage is recorded by telephone, especially in the case of hail, and appointments are made directly with garages or inspection stations. This operational implementation is also carried out by the team in Leipzig.

After only a few weeks of operation, the insurance company was very satisfied with the high level of expertise, reliability and efficiency that EXCON demonstrated in this project. In addition to the current project, cooperation in other areas of insurance is planned. These include, for example, fraud prevention using the vehicle tracking software ex:tracked, the use of external settlement services and the telephone and electronic recording of personal liability claims.

Working well together: the team comes first

A project of this magnitude requires close cooperation between the project teams and the insurance company. One of the biggest challenges for EXCON as a service provider is to recruit a qualified team with the necessary insurance background. The team must be able to meet the technical requirements in the shortest possible time. In addition, our employees work on several projects at the same time. This requires a high degree of flexibility and expertise. In today's business environment, existing processes never remain rigid, but are always adapted to current conditions and changing requirements. 

5 reasons for working with EXCON:

1. Flexibility and efficiency:

Outsourcing claims handling processes to EXCON enables insurance companies to react flexibly and efficiently to loss events. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in times of skills shortages.

2. Experience and expertise:

Years of experience and rapid familiarization with complex processes demonstrate the high level of expertise of EXCON and MotionsCall. This is also confirmed by the positive feedback in current new projects.

3. Cost efficiency:

By outsourcing, insurance companies reduce their internal costs while increasing the efficiency of their claims handling processes. A smooth process leads to better customer retention and increased policyholder satisfaction.

4. Reliability:

EXCON is able to handle large volumes of claims even at short notice and to meet the high requirements of insurance companies.

5. Future-proof:

The continuous further development and adaptation of processes in close cooperation with the insurance company ensures that EXCON is always up to date and always offers individual solutions.

Standstill? Not at EXCON.

As we continue to develop our services in the insurance sector, we always focus on our quality standards and the goal of a positive customer journey for your customers. Insurance companies benefit from improved efficiency, cost reduction and increased customer satisfaction - exactly the factors that make the difference in today's world. Do you have claims processes you would like to outsource? Please contact us to discuss.