Dealer self-checks: The digital EXCON audit solution

Save costs and adjust personnel deployment

The planning and implementation of dealer audits in the mobile asset industry has become even more challenging in recent weeks. The restrictions that have been in place since the Corona virus outbreak create an additional distance between the OEM and the point of sale. With the EXCON Self-Audit solution, this gap is narrowed without any additional manpower and closed in the long term beyond the effects of the pandemic. That is why we dedicate the EXCON Number of the Month to this solution.

The EXCON Self-Check-App

displays extensive inspection content and criteria that can be individually configured by the client and guides car dealers through a simple self-check based on this question catalogue, which is self-explanatory thanks to the user-friendly interface and integrated step-by-step instructions. Accordingly, the OEM can temporarily dispense with sending auditors or schedule this personnel deployment more flexibly. This applies to different points of sale, such as dealers or workshops, and to practically all conceivable contract contents.


This brings us to the EXCON figure of the month:

We have already recorded millions of sales incentives paid out for our clients via the digital audit solution - internationally, of course. The data comes from several thousand operating sites and contains premium variants in the three-digit range and bulk buyer agreements in the high four-digit range.

These figures are scalable as desired depending on client requirements. "The dealer app and the associated software platform for data processing and preparation do not break a sweat", says EXCON IT Manager Markus Heiß.


This is your +

Many of the app's features benefit from the wealth of experience EXCON has gathered over many years with its own auditors on behalf of clients. These include the ability to perform self-checks with multiple users, as well as the ability to synchronise data at a later time in the event of a lack of or insufficient internet connection. In addition, there is validation of submitted documents, integrated control for subsequent (re)checks and integrated interaction with traders.

Flexibility and solutions tailored to our clients' requirements are the foundation of our digital and analogue services.


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