Important information on our new client login

The users of our software products who log into their platform via our homepage have already noticed: We have redesigned our website and changed the login process in the process. We have already informed our users about the upcoming changes during the previous login. For all those who did not log in during the corresponding period, we have summarized the changes in a quick start guide (PDF).

Vista Client Portal

We have released a new version of our Vista client portal some time ago. If you are still using the old version, please contact our sales department as soon as possible. You can find an online form for this here.

Collateral Cockpit & Estella

Our software solutions are currently being successively transferred to a standardized naming system.

  • Users of our Collateral Cockpit please use the login link with the name "ex:amine" from now on.
  • Users of our platform Estella please use the login link with the name "ex:cite".